Shareholder Information

Quilvest is a world-class financial institution with a family office heritage and legacy.

Quilvest’s success is founded on two key factors:

  • The family shareholders have always taken a modern view of corporate governance. They decided over 30 years ago not to be involved in the management or investment decisions of the firm, but rather to be represented on the Board of Directors and to work with management to set long-term strategic direction.
  • Quilvest and all of its subsidiaries are managed by highly-qualified professionals with significant international experience in their respective areas. The firm’s corporate governance stance has also commanded unwavering loyalty from senior management, with no attrition except for retirement.

This combination of family tradition and stability coupled with world-class professionals is one of Quilvest’s most unusual attributes. The quality of the relationship between management and shareholders and the transparency of information-sharing are crucial to success.

Quilvest’s senior managers and investment professionals are highly motivated by this approach to corporate governance, and their interests are fully aligned with those of the firm’s shareholders and clients.